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My son got this prayer request and is asking for fervent prayers on behalf of this brother in Christ.

We need your prayers! My brother Manasseh, is fighting for his life. He became ill on a cruise in the Bahamas presumably from a bacterial infection that was brewing slowly. It escalated and became so severe that it resulted in fevers and a prolonged seizure. Last night he was intubated with a breathing tube to secure his airway, and was put to sleep with medications (sedated). He is being treated with antibiotics and an antiviral medication.

He was flown back to the US this morning, and a brain MRI was done at JFK hospital in Florida. The physician questions the initial diagnosis of bacterial meningitis and believes this is way more complex. So as of right now, they are trying to get to the root of the problem. His MRI showed brain swelling so they will be administering hypertonic saline to reduce that. In addition, it also showed multiple strokes in the brain which may have secondarily lead to the prolonged seizures. The physician is confused as to why a healthy 33 year old has those findings leading him to believe that this is more complex than anticipated. They are working on making an assessment of his entire body to find the source as they feel the bacterial component may also be secondary.

Currently, he has been removed from sedation, but is not awake. He is responsive to light and pain stimuli. The physician said his case is critical, but he has seen people recover from this, however, the next few days will be crucial in doing the appropriate tests, making the correct diagnosis, and formulating the correct treatment for Manny.

PRAY SPECIFICALLY FOR: the correct diagnosis, Manny’s body will continue to fight, recover and wake up, and for the physicians - for wisdom and guidance

Received: December 2, 2018

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